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Real Food Projects Cookbook

Real Food Projects Cookbook

Out now through Murdoch Press
Featuring 30 Skills and 47 Recipes from Scratch, this book will change the way you cook.
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Pear, Hazelnut & Ginger Granola

Learning the simple art of making granola will wean you off supermarket breakfast cereals forever. And there is something so satisfying about the sweet smell of toasty granola fresh out of the oven. Making it is a regular ritual in my household, so there is always a huge jar of it in the pantry.

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Walk into any deli and you’re almost guaranteed to be gobsmacked by the cost of good crackers. But don’t settle for the cheap cardboard-tasting ones from the supermarket – try these instead; they’re dead easy to make, the ingredients cost very little, and they taste so amazing you’ll never be tempted to buy crackers again. 

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Maple Peanut Butter

If there is one nut butter you should try, this is it. Not only because it’s so easy, but nut butters are quite expensive to buy and often full of unnecessary oils and preservatives. Grab a handful of nuts or seeds, roast them, blend them with some honey and spices and you’ll end up with the most luscious, sweet spread that is just waiting for a thick slice of toast – or, if you are like me, simply a spoon).

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