Meet your stallholders! Kate from The Vegan Tea House

By Kate Walsh

Meet Kate Jones from the The Vegan Tea House - one of the latest artisan producers taking Sydney by storm with beautiful teas, vegan brownies brownies, banana bread, pies, muesli bars, fruit and nut mixes, toasted granola and their practically world famous chocolate hazelnut spreads.

What is your favourite music to cook to?
Rufus’s new album makes me feel like I’ve just eaten a whizz fizz or a fruit tingle.

What was your job prior to this? 
I was a quality analyst for a telco and slowly destroying my soul in the process. I was the only vegan in the village. True story.

Favourite moment in the last week? 
Im a big believer of serendipity and this week I forgot to add flour to two big batches of brownies (god knows where my head was). What resulted are these gorgeous fudgey decadent brownies ...I can’t even talk about how amazing they are. They will be in my new range.

If there was one thing you could change about the food system, what would it be? 
We need to change the idea that mass production with no thought for the well being of animals is normal. People need to ask and just not buy.

What present will you be buying from the Christmas Artisan Food Gift Market and for whom? 
The Little General Olive Oil. I met Nadia at the first Real Food Pop-Up shop in Darlinghurst where she had brought along some of her oil with garlic and rosemary to dip bread in. It was the most amazing olive oil I have ever had in my life. And Nadia is one of the most genuine and passionate small producers I’ve met. Her energy is infectious. I’ll be buying some for my daughter Alex because she is becoming a total foodie at 16! 

  • Raw Berry Cheesecake: Raw Vegan Gluten & Sugar Free!! 

You need
Base: 1 cup each soaked & rinsed raw walnuts & almonds (or whatever nut you like) 6 medjool dates

Cream filling: bottom layer 3 cups soaked & rinsed raw cashews 12 medjool dates ¾ cup coconut oil juice of two lemons

Top layer: a couple of handfuls of berries (or whatever you like!)

What to do
Base: In a food processor blend everything until its crumbly and then press into a cake tin
Cream filling: Bottom layer: In a high powered blender chuck everything in and blend until smooth and creamy and yum! Pop ¾ into the tin and smooth it out 
Top layer: Add remaining ingredients and blend till smooth. Add on top of the bottom layer and smooth out then decorate! Chuck in the freezer for about an hour or two, and then put it into your face.


The Christmas Artisan Food Gift market is a collaboration between Sydney Living Museums and Real Food Projects. 


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