Hello Oscar from Young Henry's!

By Kate Walsh

Meet Oscar, a brewer from Young Henry's, a Newtown based brewery that has become a fixture of the community. 
What was the first beer you drank?

I don't really remember what my first beer was as the action was more memorable than the beer itself. I remember having my first Coopers Red from Dad though. That was a bit of a changing moment.

Is there a beer you secretly love but won't tell anyone about?
Sorry - no clandestine PBR addiction here. I'm a beer snob through and through. It's no secret, I treat myself, my dad or my best mate to Chimay Grand Reserve at special occasions. 

Why do you think Young Henry’s has struck such a cord with the local community?
I'm not really sure... We're inner westies making good, clean beer and I guess there are a few other inner westies who don't mind one or two from time to time.