After spending years with farmers, artisan makers and food entrepreneurs, one of the biggest hurdles I have seen to a building viable business is understanding how to communicate your story and build a plan to make sure all your hard work on Instagram, email and Facebook is actually making you money - not wasting your time. Let's face it, when you are busy in the field or kitchen, the last thing on your mind is social media statistics and customer engagement. 
This is why I started GROW MARKETING.
I have joined up with a team of amazing communications experts - copywriters, videographers, designers and more. We want to help you get your communications under control so you can focus on what you do best - getting your hands dirty in the field, taking care of beautiful heritage chickens, getting up way too early to drive to farmers markets or making the final batch of cheese for the week.
We provide specialist communications strategy services for start up and small businesses in the farming and artisan food space. Typically the people we work with are too small to hire an agency, have no in-house marketing person or formal marketing plan, under-serviced by traditional marketing agencies. You do it all and we get how hard that is. 
Our current clients are  Food Connect Brisbane, Old Mill Road Farm, Waterfall Produce, Deep Winter Agrarians and many more. 
We promise it isn't too time consuming but there is homework to so dust off your pencil sharpener. When you finish, we promise you'll be more effective, focused and have a plan to grow your business to where it should be. 
Kate is passionate about connecting people to the story behind their food by teaching, cooking, writing or helping ethical food brands and events get their message out loudly and clearly.