Growth Marketing Workshop at Deep Winter

Growth Marketing Workshop at Deep Winter

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We all get it, farming is your thing and you prefer to be out there in the fields or the kitchen and not feeling overwhelmed by Instagram, Facebook and how to deal with your email newsletter. Maybe you know you need these things but not why. You are not alone!

In this full day workshop Kate Walsh will take you through the basics of growth marketing - understanding your audience, getting your value proposition right and crafting a content strategy that not only attracts customers but retains them and grows your community. One of the biggest barriers to building a vibrant alternative food movement is making sure that farmers and makers have the skills to market their businesses.

You’ll walk away from this one-day workshop with a clear understanding of your growth marketing strategy, some homework and a cheer squad to get you moving.

Cost $300. Venue - TBC, 10am - 4pm. Minimum number: 10.

Email Kate for more information: